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Vocalist, Recording Artist and Educator

Tritone Records 2019

1. Highwire The Aerialist (For Philippe Petit) 3:00

(Chick Corea & Tony Cohan)
2. Contesssa 5:43
(Chick Corea & Tony Cohan)
3. Celeste/PreludeTo A Kiss 4:27
(Ralph Towner & Norma Winstone Duke Ellington & Irving Gordon)
4. Bud Powell 3:00
(Chick Corea & Tony Cohan)
5. Stardancer 3:15
(Chick Corea & Tony Cohan)
6. Lonely Woman 5:53
(Ornette Coleman & Margo Guryan)
7. Songbird 3:52
(Loonis McGlohon)
8. The Jinn 2:14
(Chick Corea & Tony Cohan)
9. We’ll Be Together Again 5:19
(Carl T. Fischer & Frankie Laine)
10. The Silence Of A Candle 4:49
(Ralph Towner)

Lisa Rich - vocals
Marc Copland - piano
Drew Gress - acoustic bass
Michael Smith - drums
David Kane - piano (track 3 & 6)

Produced by Lisa Rich
Co-produced & Engineered by Bob Dawson

Recorded at Bias Recording Studio, Springfield, VA on January 12, 1987
Mixed by Bob Dawson, June 2019
Mastered by Mike Monseur

“…the performances on High Wire are timeless and still sound fresh…Lisa Rich’s finest recording and is easily recommended.”


Scott Yanow
Jazz journalist/historian and author of 11 books

including The Jazz Singers and Jazz On Record 1917-76

My career and new CD Highwire are part of writer Tom Cunniffe’s piece entitled “Divergent Career Paths” at JazzHistory Online.

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