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Vocalist, Recording Artist and Educator

I am available for singing lessons by audition only.
For details and  information E-mail:

“I confess that I was scared to death to sing in front of anyone! Working with Lisa has allowed me to develop not only my voice, but also my deep appreciation for music and its power to inspire. She has crafted a teaching style that makes the process enjoyable, rewarding and deeply felt.”

Voice student, Michael Stevens

Producer for The Kennedy Center Honors

“Rich shares her singing technique and artistic insights with class members, offering a rare glimpse of the professional world and a chance to learn insiders' secrets.


Class members study a rich repertory of songs ranging from those of both the great masters and unknown composers to Broadway tunes and classics in various popular genres including jazz.


Sessions include instruction in the fundamental techniques of singing  (breathing, tone quality, confidence, etc.), and also expansion of participants' creative possibilities by introducing  and providing varied and imaginative opportunities for self-expression through song in a relaxed setting.”


Smithsonian Institution

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