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Vocalist, Recording Artist and Educator
Touch Of The Rare
Featuring the Clare Fischer Quartet

Trend Records 1985

1. Touch of the Rare 3:20

(Stephen Paul Evans-June Bisantz Evans)
2. Invitation 4:24
(Bronislau Kaper)
3. Novios 5:07
(Clare Fischer-Barbara Ransom)
4 Minor Sights 3:38
5. Ornithardy 2:47
(Lee Lally Hughes-Fischer)
6. Pensativa 4:53
7. Love for Sale 4:48
(Cole Porter)
8. Gaviota 5:38
(Weaver Copeland-Fischer)
9. Better Than Anything 2:23
(David Wheat-Bill Loughborough)
10. Serenidade 3:55

(Daniel Cytrynowicz-Fischer)
11. Some Other Time 3:51
(Leonard Bernstein-Betty Comden-Adolph Green)

Lisa Rich - vocals
Clare Fischer - piano, keyboards
Brent Fischer - bass guitar
Michito Sanchez - conga, bongos
Walfredo Reyes - drums, percussion
Ron Powell - percussion

Produced by Albert Marx

Recorded by Arne Frager at Monterey Studios. Glendale, CA. on 6-17-1985.
Mastered by Arne Frager at Hollywood Central Studios.

“Backed by Clare Fischer's efficient keyboards and percussion-oriented quartet, she tackles fearlessly such odd melodies as the title tune and "Ornithardy," takes full advantage of Bronislau Kaper's durable "Invitation" and deals handily with "Love for Sale" converted into a long-meter Latin disguise. A thoroughly professional, jazz-influenced artist.”
Leonard Feather
jazz writer and Los Angeles Times jazz critic
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